Kijsuchon’s Reflective Essay

When it was started, like the very first day I came in the class, I know literally nothing about creating product or found a business. All I know was I have a business back at home and I want to have business mind and think like business man. I don’t have business background. I graduated in film school so I have zero idea about doing business. At the very first class I have to team up with someone, who I didn’t know at that time, and create a product or campaign for Nike. I know a little bit of marketing … Continue reading Kijsuchon’s Reflective Essay

National competition: how could we make it this far?

After we won the competition Janja gave us some brief about what will happen and what we need to prepare. Also she given us one of the mentors, Fazl. He is the financial expert and he’ve mentored many business teams to compete in many competitions. So basically we are in good hands. Janja also mention that if we still win the national competition, which is very tough because we are compete with the bests from each university, we will go to Norway to compete in European competition. To be honest, I never dreamed to be this far. My goal in … Continue reading National competition: how could we make it this far?

Yes man

Do you know the movie called “Yes man” played by Jim Carrey, one of my favourite actor. For someone who doesn’t know, the movie tells about a guy, Carl Allen, who alway say no to every opportunity that comes in. After he went to seminar and challenge himself to say yes to everything, his life changes in a much better way. I was inspired by this movie. Before I came here to study, I barely accept anyone favour because I know that they won’t pay me and my relationship between me and them won’t be any better. Nothing benefits me … Continue reading Yes man

YE dragons den:

Follow up from our underprepared practice last week. We had a meeting to improve our pitch. There were tons of list Janja written for us to do on the pitch day. First thing, is our uniform. We had our uniform but because it was printed in poor quality, the print was peeled off. We decided to change our t-shirt colour from white to multiple colours and change our logo layout a bit. Next thing is presentation slides. Since we didn’t have our slides, we have to make it from scratch. We planned what we need want to say within 5 … Continue reading YE dragons den:

YE dragons den practice: Be ready for everything

This week is nothing much. We had a chance to prepare and practice the pitch for the Young Enterprise dragons den. If we win this competition we will go to the national competition can challenge through other winners form universities across the UK. In short, if we win this, there will be bigger competition waiting for us. This pitch was just a week after the bright idea competition. We though there is no big deal, we’ve done this; same idea same product, same pitch. The only different is the judges. So we didn’t prepare anything new. At the day of … Continue reading YE dragons den practice: Be ready for everything

Bright idea Pitch: Learn from defeat

We though of the product, we researched the market, we created the product, we founded a company, we did our product pitch and we sold our product. At this point we’ve done everything to create a product and commercialise it. However all we have done is inside the classroom (Well…some of our activity have done outside the classroom but mostly inside) we haven’t go out and fight in the real world. Bright idea was a competition the let every students in Kingston University pitch their business ideas and get the £1,000 prize. Our class have to attend this competition as … Continue reading Bright idea Pitch: Learn from defeat

In University Trade fair: Frustration pays off

First of all, I’m good at presentation. Because I’ve been practice in class presentation since I was in high school. As a result my confident when approach teachers or classmates is very high. This week we need to present our product through University trade fair. Before the day, our team have prepare many things to showcase our product. Unfortunately we don’t have our product yet because we haven’t made the final design of our product (we already designed 6 exercise but we need 24). However we have our concept and prototype. Since we are creating exercise card game, we put … Continue reading In University Trade fair: Frustration pays off